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Essential features and advantages:

This special option for our cleaners is able to suck the left over yarn, on the bottom of the whirl shaft at the same time when it is cut away by the installed knife with a suction nozzle particularly made for mentioned area. After receiving signal from Ring Spinning Machine, our cleaner automatically follows the “Mouse” (cutter slide, positioned on the spinning machine) by means of optical connection with it. During that period, cleaner adjusts its speed so that suction is performed at the same time or immediately after the cutter does his job on the whirl shaft.
While doing this, our cleaner continues to run with his normal function of cleaning the RSM. The mechanism is driven by means of two pneumatic cylinders and it is totally maintenance free.
The second possibility of cleaning this particular area is whirl blowing. It is performed with blowing pressured air over whirl shaft but without exact following a cutting device on the RSM.
Both solutions need countinous supply of pressurized air and electrical power by means of energy linkage guide.

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