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We have reached new milestones in the field of loom cleaning with our KWK 500 system and have augmented our well-known and proven product range with a new generation of cleaners. The variation with no filter of the KWK 500 is an optimum supplement to the KWK 900 series successfully in use for many years. Especially in the case of difficult material such as denim, the KWK 500 shows its special advantages. Manual cleaning of the filter necessitated by large quantities of waste and high humidity is unnecessary. Continuous discharge by means of connection to a central waste suction is equally as possible as the connection to an existing vacuum installation or to a manually operated dead-end station. The extremely low weight allows the minimization of supports or their substitution with ceiling-mounting. The powerful transport fan achieves a continuously strong suction effect. The component system of the blowing channels permits an individual, optimized adaptation to the critical parts of the loom.

A well-proven technique of control and an optional obstacle avoidance system using sensors, ensure a high operating performance.

The most important facts:

• continuous blowing and suction effect
• operation costs minimized through high performance
• being extremely flat, the machine can also be installed in buildings with low roofs
• light construction -yet solid and compact
• new control of contactors with proven components
• also suitable for difficult operating conditions
• output from 2.2 to 4 kW

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Loomery and loom cleaning frequently require specially designed systems equipped with special nozzles and attachments. High-performance loom cleaning require higher pressures to be generated by means of specially designed fans featuring increased drive power and optimally designed ventilating ducts and blowing nozzles.

Essential features and advantages:

This is a high-power standard cleaning system. This combined blowing/suction unit is based on the design using 2 separately arranged fly and filtering boxes. Emptying the two fly collecting boxes and cleaning the two filters is performed simultaneously by reversing the air flow subsequent to a brief shutdown.
With different motors and a specially designed motor/fan unit (to IEC standards) an optimum blowing and suction efficiency is guaranteed. High-efficiency fly and dust removal for the frame and floor areas will be guaranteed.
Equipment per machine side can be adapted to individual cleaning requirements: overhanging blowing tubes on either side fitted with individualized flexible blowing elements and special nozzles, as well as flexible suction lines.

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