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The two resp. three lobe vacuum pumps provide a maximum under pressure of 400 mbar at a suction volume of 600 to 2800 m3/h. The required suction volume depends on the number of machines to be cleaned simultaneously.
The power of the drive motors exceeds the power demand at the drive shaft of the pumps, which are operated oil free and non-contact.
Jointly with the additional fine filter this ascertains highest operation safety with reduced maintenance.
In order to save energy cost the vacuum pump is switched off whenever the system is not used within a pre-set time. Instead of this power-down, we optionally offer part-load or stand-by operation which will provide a minimum vacuum with least energy input. Full efficiency will fast be available, as soon as suction points are re-opened.
The size of the combined filter and collection receiver depends on waste quantity and required suction volume (980 mm dia, lengths 1750-3000 mm). JACOBI’s filter medium is a particularly developed needle felt with high degree of separation at high air permeability.
On opening the aeration valve, the filter is automatically cleaned by flow-back air. Return of clean exhaust air into working rooms for heating purposes is possible.
One only staff is required to manually discharge the filtering and collection receiver. When equipped with automatic discharge, the system is ready for re-start in less than a minute.

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