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The fixed stripping units can be fitted on main cylinders, doffers and intermediate rollers above and below the floor. While they are travelling across the rollers, the nozzles of the fully automatic stripping apparatuses strip the card clothing intensively and carefully at production speed and production direction right down to the bottom. Flexible metal or plastic tubes connect the pipe system and the fixed units. According to the pump size it is possible to use one or more nozzles at the same time.

Card stripping with the JACOBI system

Stripping procedure: The main cylinder and the doffer of the breaker card are stripped simultaneously. Then the main cylinder and the doffer of the second card are stripped. During this time the workers and strippers of the breaker card can be stripped. This procedure is being repeated with every other card.

The advantage of the card stripping aparatus

• an extraordinary reduction of stripping time
• increased production by reduction of down time
• no dusting during stripping
• protective and careful treatment of card clothing
• improvement of quality
• less risk of accident
• thorough control of dust and fly
• the workers and strippers are not being removed from the machine for stripping procedure
• large-scale extension of the pipe system (up to 4000 m) and small pipe diameter (approx. 150 mm)
• centralized waste collection, the separation of waste possible

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