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›  Automatic Travelling Cleaner KWE/KWK 200

JACOBI-Cleaners are efficient units applying effectively and in perfect concert blowing and suction air well dosed for continuous cleaning of spinning and twisting machines and working fully automatically. A combination of solid design, high quality materials, well-proven units and processing technique together with modern sensors and electronics has been securing our and consequently our customerís success. Be it single machines or machine groups, semi- or fully automatic operation, local requirements, part or full-link machines, curves or aisle bridging, we are in a position to provide the best solution.

Advantages you should not overlook:

• sheet steel housing, powder finish
• worm gear, sump lubricated drive motor
• ICE standard motor, cooled in the intake air stream
• both fan and drive motors fully PTC-protected
• drive speeds of 8, 12, 16 or 20 m/min
• easily accessible micro filter screens

Options that have become standard features for our customers :

• obstacle control to avoid collisions with staff and bobbins carts
• whirl blowing, with compressed air
• suction for travelling-whorl-cutter
• additional units for intense ceiling cleaning
• turnable blowing hoses for avoiding knotting and splicing automats

›  Automatic Travelling Cleaner KWE600

The new compact and light-weighted KWE 600 is impressive due to its simple and functional construction. It is especially suited to non-automatic single machines or groups of machines placed in rows. You will receive a traveling cleaner optimized in price and efficiency as a complete cleaning system. Direct discharge via a central waste suction has been designed so that even an existing machine filter chamber can be used. Minimum discharge diameters reduce the power demand and several flaps permit individual adjustment. The resulting fiat design makes the cleaner pass under even the lowest air conditioning ducts or roof trusses. The reliability in service is augmented through a control logic concentrated upon the essential, a well-proven technique of contactors in the power pack, a strong transport fan and wear-resistant guide rollers. Direct air flows and extremely large filter areas -unique in this power class- minimize the power demand and the maintenance intervals. Easy access to filter and fans is also part of our design philosophy. In spite of all economical advantages in comparison to comparable systems energy has to be supplied. We are using as supply alternatively:

• highly flexible cables developed especially for energy chains or
• synthetic security current rails with completely joint free copper lines (current supply with maintenance near to zero).

This simplified current rail permits installation by clients trained staff.
Experience and continuous innovations result in virtual perfection which is showing itself in an unbeatable reliability in service and an economical machine cleaning efficiency.

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