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SS-1 - For Doubling and Spinning up to 16000 rpm
SS-2 - For TFO and Heavy Doubling
SS-3 - For Doubling and Spinning above 16000 rpm
SS-4 - For TFO and Heavy Doubled (Advanced).

JACOBI synthetic sandwich spindle tapes are manufactured with machinery of the state-of-the-art technology and superior quality raw materials. It consists of three layers.

The first (colored layer) made of synthetic polymer meant for better grip to transmit maximum power from the tin roller.
Middle black layer made of 100% polyamid to boost up physical performance.
White layer is specialised polymer fabric with natural fibre to absorb the heat in the spindles and also to prevent the speed variation in three spindles when one spindle is stopped.

For more detailed description please download :

Brochure - English (.ZIP file 215 kB)
Brochure - German (.ZIP file 215 kB)

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