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JACOBI cleaners designed for modern high efficiency roving frames are an indispensable requirement.
High speeds and delivery velocities demand an individual arrangement of blowing and suction elements in order to maintain the quality of your products and to reduce inevitable downtime.
Aiming at economic and intelligent conversion of energy into air efficiency, we use our proven JACOBI cleaners in particular fly frame design for cleaning by means of well-dosed blowing air streams. Floor and foot steps are cleaned by suction.
Dust removal from the stationary drafting system clearer device and the growing use of stationary and mobile doffers increasingly influence the choice of cleaner type, power and execution. To this we respond and offer solutions, as well as to installations with automatic bobbin transport when spinning frames are interlinked. To solve these tasks we offer an extended control reversing blowing air from the machine immediately upon sliver breakage. At choice, the cleaner may leave the fly frame while continuing floor suction (recommended if several machines are covered by one cleaner), or else may take a parking position.
Another possibility is immediate standstill of the cleaner, maintaining the manual mobility by means of press buttons, in order to be able to open a safety grid or to repair a sliver break.
Depending on fly frame equipment and local conditions, several fly frames may be connected to one cleaning cycle.
4 to 6 frames are preferably connected to an endless circuit.

Essential features and advantages:

• connection to a central discharge system or the fly frame filter box
• opto-electronic obstacle control
• energy chain including highly flexible cable
• telescope blowing and/or suction tubes

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