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Working principle :

The machine consists of a wooden roller with metal wires at different angles and nylon brushing roller at the bottom rotating at different speed. The top roller is having thin metal wires for cleaning the clearer rollers. During the cleaning process the metal wires softly goes into the bottom surface of the Green fiber of the clearer roller and it completely removes the dust and waste collected by the clearer roller. The bottom roller is having straight nylon bristles and these engage with the metal wires of top roller so that the waste collected by top roller is completely discharged by the bottom roller and the waste is collected at the bottom chamber of the machine.


• Very easy to operate and maintain
• Highly efficient & fast in cleaning
• Reduces manpower
• Automatic feeding reduces damages to the rollers
• Very low power consumption and noiseless operation
• Compact size and unique cleaning principle that completely removes and collect the dust & fluffs

Auto Feeder with Clearer Roller Cleaning Machine

Technical details:

• No of pieces can be loaded (max) 210 nos
• Max size of rollers to be feed OD 50mm x 150mm height
• Feed rate / hour: 1000 rollers /hr
• Overall size of the feeder OD 1Mtr x 1Mtr height
• Weight of the feeder 320 kgs

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