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Effective Cleaning:
The electrostatic fibers attract the loose fibers, fluffs and fly dusts effectively, so that there is substantial improvement in yarn quality.
More Efficiency:
Flocked clearer roller has got 50% more holding capacity of fibers than wooden rollers in the same working conditions.
Due to effective and consistent cleaning of fibers, JACOBI clearer rollers reduces the cuts in autoconer.
Long Life:
The life of the JACOBI clearer rollers is more than three years. The flocked rollers will have the same holding capacity through out the life time unlike wooden rollers with cloth which looses the holding capacity with every cleaning.
Simple Cleaning Process:
Cleaning of rollers is very simple after which it becomes as clean as a new roller.
Zero Maintenance:
No maintenance required. No replacement of cloth after every six months. Environmental Friendly:
Due to a long lifetime (3 years) as well as no need to renew surface this is environmental friendly.

Range of Products:

For Ring Frames:
Available in more than 100 different sizes for RIETER, ZINSER, LMW, TOYODA, MARZOLI, SUSSEN and for other ring frames as Top and Bottom clearer rollers.
For Ring Doublers:
Available in 25 different sizes.
For Speed & Draw Frames:
Standard Top and Bottom Clearers.
For Combers:
Available in standard sizes for RIETER-E7/4, E60, E62, E62H combers, CHERRY HARA, TOYODA and LMW combers.
Custom made Rollers:
Available according to the customer requirement.

For more detailed description please download :
Clearer Roller (.ZIP file 1.56 MB)

Cleaning Machine & Procedure:

This unique machine is developed for the quick and effective cleaning of flocked clearer rollers. It is fitted with maintenance free gear box and consumes very less power.
During cleaning, the metal wire in the cleaning machine will softly go to the bottom surface of the flocked fibers of the clearer roller and it completely removes the dust and waste collected by the clearer roller.

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