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Cleaning of machinery at working area:

For this new concept JACOBI developed the cleaner type KWE 700. This unit runs on the floor and is connected directly with the machine with a guide rail. This brings the blowing nozzles very close to drafting equipment, cutters and spindles, in order to keep this area clean from fiber fly and waste. Two floor suction nozzles clean the operator’s corridor. The small design of the unit leaves enough space for the operators.

Cleaning of side creel and spinning room:

To clean the side creel including thread guide and thread brakes we use our weIl proven cleaner type KWE 600. This conventional unit drives over the Chenille machine and creel. Depending on the machinery layout it is possible to clean up to five machines with good results. On the back of the machines the unit blows on the drive motors of the cutters, keeping the ventilating covers clean. The additional cooling results in longer running time of the motors. Another two floor suction nozzles clean the floor between two machines and creels.

Automatic waste discharge and filter cleaning:

It is possible to connect up to twelve cleaners to one suction unit in order to discharge automatically the collected waste from the filter boxes and to collect it in a central box.
During suction the filters are blown with compressed air to detach the heavy, oil containing material from the filter surface. The maintenance intervals for the filter units increase considerably. Of course, it is possible to connect the central waste collecting box with a vacuum discharge system, further reducing routine maintenance.

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