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Herewith we would like to introduce ourselves:

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Our family group acts since many years in international business worldwide in various fields.
The group contains of:

C-port GmbH with its trademarks JACOBI, JUNGBAUER, Schmidt Technik and SISTEM TEHNIKA is mainly involved in TEXTILE machines and equipment. More than 82000 machines are sold with brandname JACOBI or JUNGBAUER, the most famous names for overhead travelling cleaners.

LOUDA GmbH is one of the major suppliers in international plastic card industry. More than 1600 machines with brand name LOUDA SYSTEMS and complete production lines are installed, spread around the globe.

We are a very flexible team of engineers, erectors and sales people, always eager to find a solution for your needs. Our regular office hours are from 7:00 am till 6:00 pm. Reachable for you by phone 16 hours a day from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm and also 24 hours in urgent cases.

C-port GmbH
Tränk 1 • D-86551 Aichach • Germany
Tel. ++49 8251 892968 • Fax. ++49 8251 871783

Tränk 1 • D-86551 Aichach • Germany
Tel. ++49 8251 870980 • Fax. ++49 8251 871783

Our sales office with future show rooms is located in Aichach, near the highway A8 between Augsburg and Munich.
only 45 minutes away from Rieter Ingolstadt
to Zinser ( Oerlikon Schlafhorst) 1 hour and 30 minutes
to Rieter Winterthur in Switzerland less then 3 hours
You take the exit Dasing and follow the speed way B300 (direction Ingolstadt) till the exit Aichach West. Here you make the first left turn (ca. 20 m after the exit!!) in direction Sulzbach. After ca. 400 meters you find us on left handside. The parking places are on right handside.

In future this area will be equipped with hotel, restaurant with beer-garden and cafe.

The service office and our erectors are located in Matulji, Croatia. Here also pre-erection of assembly groups is done.

The parts for pre-erection are coming from our manufacturing plant in Triptis, Germany, directly next to the highway A9 in direction Berlin. Here is also our tool-shop and card test-center.

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