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C-port GmbH is an innovative company with excellent products and services, with spare parts supply for high tech equipment, production machines, textile machinery, card plants, automotive industry and all kind of automation. We create your solution to make you successfull.
We also plan, design and realize special machines according to customers demand. Our experts have extensive experience in industrial automation since many years. It is one of our targets to help our customer solving their demands to stay successfull. Describe your problems! Project management grants you specific solutions to your demand.
Each year more than 800.000 spindles are fitted with JACOBI travelling-cleaners, thread breaking catching devices, central filter boxes, transport systems and many other unique machines. Until now more than 60.000 Jacobi travelling cleaners are working day and night for our customers, which leads us to a great experience. We guarantee service and spare parts for many, many years - and even machines older than 25 years can still be served.
Our future target is to give a quick and good service to acceptable prices for all our customers. We are always working on the improvement of our machines and will surely find a solution for YOUR special kind of need.
If you wish to have further information do not hesitate to contact us!

We reply to your inquiries immediatelly, and our office is open 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

General Manager:
Nadja Junger
IMPORTANT: Housings for the models KWE/K200 as well as 600 can be bought at only 70 Euro per piece. Models are running out and no longer produced now.
If you are interested contact us under
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